General information:

1. The professional fees quoted below are basically what you pay me for my expertise ie: doctors
fees. They are ball park figures and are subject to change, but will give you a reasonable idea of the cost of your eye care.

2. The prices quoted are for self-pay patients for consultations and commonly performed procedures. Insured patients are billed in line with their existing policy agreements.

3. The private hospital will invoice you separately if you undergo an investigation, a procedure or an operation. You will also be responsible for drug costs unless otherwise specified.


A. New Consultation:

This usually lasts between 20 to 45 minutes and includes taking a history, testing your vision and performing a complete eye examination. Often eyedrops are used to enlarge the pupils to allow examination of the back of the eye (retina). These take around 20 minutes to work. Further investigations such as a retinal scan may also be carried out at this consultation. Professional fees start from £275.
B. Follow-up Consultation:

This is similar to a new consultation and can vary from a quick review to assess response to treatment or to discuss test results to a complete eye examination with eyedrops to enlarge the pupil and repeat investigations. Professional fees start from £175.
C. Minor operative procedures:

These include removal of lumps and bumps around the eyes and the eyelids. These are most commonly carried out as out-patient procedures either as 'one-stop' or 'booked' appointments depending on preference. A 'one-stop' procedure is carried out on the same day as the clinic appointment while a 'booked' procedure is carried out on a different date. This option must be chosen at the time of booking the clinic appointment to allow for extra time. Professional fees are billed as a 'package' which includes consultation, surgery and post-operative care and starts from £550 per eye.
D. Eye Injection therapy:

This consists of a course of injections to the eyeball to treat a variety of retinal conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macular oedema. It is usually performed as an out-patient procedure. The total cost of treatment varies widely depending on whether special investigations are requested, which drug or implant is used and the number of injections required. Professional fees for a single injection start from £275 per injection.
E. Cataract Surgery with artificial lens implantation:

Routine cataract surgery is performed as a day case procedure using a local anaesthetic. A standard single focus artificial lens is implanted into the eye. The pricing can be broken down into three components:

- Professional fees for new consultation including a biometry test to measure the size of the artificial lens (implant) starting from £325

- Cataract package which includes surgeon fees, hospital fees and post-operative care and is paid in most cases directly to the hospital prior to the procedure

- Professional supplement fee for premium services. This is payable to me by both self-pay and insured patients if you opt-in and will vary according to the needs of the individual