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Eat your way to better eyesight​​​​​​​

One question I am often asked by patients with macular degeneration is ‘Does a healthy diet reduce or reverse sight loss?’​​​​​​​

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Keeping a beady eye on that cataract

Cataracts are the commonest cause of vision loss in people over the age of forty. They are caused by ageing of the natural lens of the eye which then loses its transparency and becomes cloudy.

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NHS and the weather: our favourite topics for discussion

Don't we Brits just love talking about the weather and the current state of the NHS? Not that we can be blamed, both are predictable only in their unpredictability.

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Lutein, anti-oxidants and omega 3: Penny-Wise, Pound Foolish

The drug Preservision Lutein is clearly supported by evidence from the AREDS trial which is considered to be landmark trial of its kind

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Post-injection antibiotic drops: harm versus benefit

Are the antibiotic drops used after intravitreal injections of any real benefit or are they causing harm?

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What's new for the treatment of diabetic macular oedema?

New treatment for diabetic macular oedema in 2015

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What next for patients with diabetic macular oedema?

Diabetic macular oedema

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Cataract surgery and dementia: help or hindrance?

Cataract surgery

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